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Prebonded Hair

A special strand by strand treatment that uses Ladylux Italian Keratin 100% remy human hair.

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Treatment Overview

Pre Bonded hair extensions are small keratin resin hair extensions that are applied to your natural hair using a pre heated gun. Pre bonded extensions are lightly heated and melted onto your natural hair in small neat sections Pre Bonded extensions are also applied in a strand-by-strand method which is light weight, easy and comfortable to wear within your natural hair.

Our Ladylux Pre bonded hair extensions are made from our own Ladylux Branded Italian Keratin 100% remy human hair.  All our pre bonded human hair is soft, silky and full of life, Our extensions are designed to last upto 6 Month with the correct maintenance and aftercare. Our Remy Human Hair can be washed blow dryed and styled using regular heated appliances.

*Sulfate Free shampoo is recommended while wearing Ladylux Pre Bonded hair extensions.

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Prebonded Hair Pricelist

Size Half Head 3/4 Head Full Head Extra Thick
16" £285.00 £300.00 £340.00 £385.00
18" £300.00 £340.00 £380.00 £415.00
20" £310.00 £350.00 £390.00 £430.00
22" £335.00 £365.00 £410.00 £445.00
24" £360.00 £400.00 £440.00 £490.00
Removal £60 per hour
Maintenance (every 6-7 weeks) new hair not included - £105 per hour